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Fake Life Experience Degree

For years online college and university mills have sold degrees as awarding for degrees based on your life experiences. Today people use the same experience as justification for buying extremely authentic looking fake degrees from sites like this.

What is a Life experience degree?

Sold as an instant degree with no classes, no formal academic process.

When you add up all of your life experiences including jobs you have had and lessons you have learned, you may argue your experience is worth more than any education. For such people they choose to document that experience as a “life experience degree”. This type of degree is sold online as an instant diploma because there are not classes required, no school to attend, etc. In just a matter of a day or two a diploma is mailed to your home.

What is a Fake Life Experience Degree?

People buy fake degrees all the time. They are often purchased to replace lost or damaged degree documents. The typical process of getting copies made can be daunting with massive delays, verification checks and more. Considering a fake can be in your hands by tomorrow, you can see why they’re in high demand.

Other customers purchase such items to fool a friend. A lot of times there is pressure in society to have a diploma and people desire fake versions of them.Using your life experience can be one reason to justify a special degree and major when purchasing your own fake life experience degrees.

How to Get a Fake Life Experience Degree?

There a number of sites out there capable of selling you a fake life experience degree but few have the tools to pull offer authentic looking fakes. A good site worth checking out is They’ve collected actual degree documents and studied their formats and structure. Notes have been made and documented, so when a specific order is requested a high quality version can be produced.

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