Custom Coursework Addon


Provide Classes & Grades you want showcased on your Fake Transcript order!

With this option you will provide us a list of the classes you want displayed on your document. You can be as specific as you want, letting us know exactly what class codes you want (ie: ENG 101 vs ENG 103), grades for each class (ie: you must have “A” in HIS 103) and even the order of the classes (ie: you can say exactly when you want to show each course was taken).

When you purchase a fake transcript from us, you have the option to choose custom coursework. Sometimes people don’t know they want it or forget to add it. If it hasn’t shipped out, it isn’t too late to add it. Just make sure you to speak to a staff member before ordering this is more than 24 business hours have passed since the original order was placed. We just need to make sure enough time is left to apply custom changes.

By choosing this item, the staff will be sending you a proof of their work to look over! All custom jobs (like this) require approvals by you, the client. There is no need to choose a sample/proof option at checkout because it will come regardless.

To request this item please fill out the form below.

Orders placed before 'noon, with the exception of special requests and holidays, will ship out by the end of this Friday.

Please note that any documents we provide are not intended for any use beyond being a personal replacement, novelty, restoration project, etc. We are not a mill. No degrees are being issued. No degree status is being earned.

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