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FAQ Guide & Help

How can I trust you?

We've been making diplomas for over 10 years now. In that time, we have built a knowledgeable staff and invested in lots of high-end printing equipment. This allows us to create authentic-looking diplomas and transcripts from high schools and colleges. On top of all that, we stand behind everything we do. We offer a risk-free guarantee allowing you know your purchase is protected.

How can I order a product from you?

The process of buying fake diplomas is very easy. Simply choose your type of product first. We offer diplomas, transcripts, certificates, and discounted combo packages when you bundle document sets. From there you will see products broken down by levels. For instance if you want a novelty certificate of marriage, you would look at our fake marriage certificates for more details.

I see you offer "fake" and "replica" diplomas! What's the difference?

We try to find ways to help buyers save money. One way is by offering two levels of diplomas. First there are “cheap fake diplomas” which use regional designs. So let’s say you wanted a fake secondary school diploma from Puerto Rico. We could use our regional secondary school diploma template design. This would allow you to get a diploma that looks like a local Puerto Rico secondary school diploma from that area. It would use a common layout that captures a similar structure to what is found with diplomas in that area.

If you upgraded to replica diplomas, you’d be getting a more premium product. A replica is a realistic match of the actual diploma, capturing the precise layout, structure, fonts, etc. This would mean we gathered a real diploma from a specific Puerto Rico secondary school and if that is the secondary school you want, we can offer the best fake possible.

We strongly recommend upgrading to replicas if you want the best we offer but offer options to here to met the various budgets of our buyers.

The replica prices are higher than standard fakes due to the time, research and effort involved in producing them.

I got my order. Something is wrong. What can I do?

If you made a mistake by accidentally requesting something you didn’t mean too like a wrong graduation date (you mean to put April but asked for June) or names on your document (you forgot you wanted it to show your maiden name), you can request a reprint.

The cost of a reprint is much less than buying the same order again. The reprint fee covers supplies on our end.

If for some reason, we made a mistake, we do offer free reprints at no additional cost to you. The new reprint would be shipped with the same shipping method you requested on the original order. You can pay the difference if you want the reprint to be shipped with a faster shipping method. Ask a support agent over phone or chat for additional information.

Can I use these products as I wish?

All sales made through our site are bound by our terms. Although we can not control how our products are ultimately used, we ask that you research any local laws and address those concerns yourself. We are not a law firm, here to offer legal advice. Our products are sold with the intention that they be used for personal replacements of previously lost or damaged documents or as novelties to fool others with. Any other use goes beyond their intended use and the buy accepts any risk he or she takes by using the item unintentionally.

Customers purchase our items as a novelty or prop service, diploma replacement service, or diploma replication service. No status is earned as these are not official. Still we create anything we do with high quality standards, ensuring the most realistic looking diplomas and transcripts possible.

Because of the realistic nature of our items, we are forced to ship all documents with labels, that can easily be removed if you wish, stating the document’s intended purpose. There are a number of suppliers that can get away without adding such labels because the products they produce are not realistic enough to possibly pass as an original.

Because of the level of our quality, we are forced to do this as suggested by our attorneys, to protect our interests. We allow customers the option to remove the disclaimer without damaging the item since it is their property but any decision to ignore the disclaimer and accept responsibilities for their actions with the document is entirely theirs.

Any mention of the terms “fake diplomas, novelty diplomas, etc” along with “jobs, employment, etc” on this site or in advertisements for this site, are strictly for search engine purposes only and not a direct reflection of the products and services being offered here.

How can I get help or talk to somebody now?

Our team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns about using our website, placing orders, or checking up on an order status with our website.

We are available Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. We are closed on weekends and all major USA holidays.

We can be reached via email, live chat, and phone support at 305-892-8886.