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Steps to Get a Fake Diploma?

#1: Know what they are.

The demand for a fake diploma grows every year. is no exception. Although some people see them as "counterfeit documents", the reality is a fake from a print shop is not issued by an actual school and no degree status is earned.

What is being offered is a high-quality recreation of a diploma from a high school, college, or university. The documents are 100% custom made and feature deep rich colors, precise formats, spot-on text and more that all matches up. Although some elements such as diploma signatures may be altered to abide by regulations, the final print is remarkably real. In fact, shops like Buy A Fake Diploma back all their work with a guarantee to buyers. If they felt their work wasn't good enough, this would not be the case.

#2: Understand their intended use.

  1. Items such as fake ged certificate can be seen as a collector’s item. Often somebody may be a fan of a school and want a fake diploma as a form of memorabilia to show off their passion.
  2. Others see a fake diplomas as a way to quickly replace a lost or damage diploma for personal purposes.
  3. There is also the crowd who purchases a fake diploma to fool a friend into thinking they graduated as they make realistic novelties.
  4. Movies, tv shows and other production places will buy a fake diploma as a studio prop.
  5. They can make great esteem boosters for struggling graduates who need something to push them towards a real diploma.

#4: Be Safe.

Most diplomas from print shops are sold at cheap prices. Sites charging way too much for a fake diploma should raise a flag and so should site charging way too little at the same time. The reality is to takes a lot of time and energy to make a good looking fake diploma these days and so the cost has to fair. This isn't to say there aren't sites taking advantage of people's desperation and ripping them off.

#3: Appreciate experience.

A lot of shops like ours price custom printing services, depending on the difficulty of the request. In most cases a custom made undergraduate diploma such as fake bachelors degree and fake associates degree will cost more than a fake ged diploma. A lot of this is because a ged design is often more simple, uses lower quality resources during the printing process, and more. The less work involved can allow a shop like Buy A Fake Diploma to charge less.

Step 5: Know what to expect.

  • The paper thickness and color should be a true match.
  • The placement and number of fake diploma signatures be spot on.
  • Colors should be sharp and bold and rich in depth. Demand fake diploma printing that meets professional standards.
  • If possible, make sure the staff can embossed or foil seals if such features are necessary to truly replicate a fake.

What to expect is going to change document to document. Case in point, a fake diploma from a high school is likely going to demand less quality than a fake from a graduate institute. The reality is two diplomas are rarely the same and each request should be handled on an individually basis to ensure the quality levels up to each document being made. When you put every custom diploma print on the same level, it's hard to look at each request as unique request which is what most shops should be doing.

How to get yours today?

Buy A Fake Diploma offers 100% custom made diplomas from high schools, colleges, and universities. We offer free proofs of our work before final prints are made. This lets you check over any work the design team has made, request change or revisions, or approve their work to leave out. You can read more about proofing here.

If you need help buying a fake diploma our website is open 24/7 and we break down each item, the ordering process and more on our site. If you need assistance, give us a ring, send an email or chat live today.

I need help ordeing.

We worked really hard to built a site that is easy to use. Most custom printing services can be requested by answering a few questions about the school you want the diploma from, graduation dates you want posted, etc. If you do need help, we have a staff here for you. Our site is live 24/7 but our team is here Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. We can be reached via phone at 305-892-8886. You can also send us a a live chat or email. We look forward to assisting you in anyway we can and appreciate you considering Buy A Fake Diploma.

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