Raised & Embossed Print Upgrade


Fake Diploma with Raised Seal is Here!

Images simply can’t do this service justice! We’re talking 100% embossed artwork including seals and crafts and/or text too! Imagine rubbing your fingers over the document only to feel each bump! This is what you’d fine on a high end diplomas, now available on this website.

When placing an order, you can request this service. If you forgot to request raised and embossed printing services when placing your order, you can request this feature here. Please confirm your order number so we know what order to apply these print changes to.

To request this item please fill out the form below.

What to Raise & Emboss?

Orders placed before 'noon, with the exception of special requests and holidays, will ship out by the end of this Wednesday.

Please note that any documents we provide are not intended for any use beyond being a personal replacement, novelty, restoration project, etc. We are not a mill. No degrees are being issued. No degree status is being earned.

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