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We were recently recognized as a favorite choice among shoppers by an online review blog who spoke to buyers of several sites and graded all of us on quality and overall value. Yet, we are happy to post the feedback we hear personally from our customers.

The following page contains feedback submitted by customers after doing business with us. This was last updated this January. Some information such as names may have been altered at the request of each person. We appreciate any feedback, even criticism, as it helps us improve services. Please check out testimonials before. There are also individual product reviews on each product page.

The designer was able to work with me a few changes I wanted made and I very much appreciate it. I was also concern the changes were going to greatly delay my order but she worked so fast!

Mark Jance

I have been trying to replace Nevada high school documents when I found you had fake diplomas and transcripts from Nevada! Ordered them last week from the site after you guys confirmed my high school and graduation year. Been pleased with everything, final documents look amazing.

Dana Arnold

My high school diploma and transcript package just came today. The driver dropped it off. It looks wonder! Sorry I was so difficult to work with at times but I had been scammed before.

Nathaniel Torres

Much thanks. Wish there was more companies out there, selling the stuff you do, and operating like you guys do. You all set a high bar.

Sonia Lee

The proofing process was so easy. I love how the system you uses, alerts when the designer would reply back. By the way, tell Cheryl the design who did my fake college diploma that the final sample looked awesome!

Susan Arnold
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I wrote maybe six websites this weekend. Not a single on replied but you guys. I am impressed with such a tight ship you run there

Diane Jimenez

You site is so easy to understand. One of the best out there. Wasted about thirty minutes on a few others, getting nowhere.

Anne Montgomery

Very impressed with your staff. Everybody has been a huge help.

Enrique Santos

Your process from processing to delivery is outstanding. I can’t believe I got my diploma delivered in just a few days. It looks great but I’m sure it will look 1000x better when I get it framed.

Marc Gutierrez

Thank you so much for the exceptional customer support. Again, dealing with Elizabeth over chat was way less of a nightmare than some other sites I’ve tried.

Candice Chapma

Thank you so much for responding to all of my questions and concerns so fast. I just ordered my set of fake transcripts from Vancouver his morning

Amelia Greer


Ashlea Wakefield

I love your replica college diplomas. I can see the value after considering a fake college diploma and making the switch. Worth it.

Dana Arnold

I got my fake iq certificate yesterday and absolute love how it turned out. Keep up the great work.

Dorothy Snyder

Needed to replace a damaged diploma. Thrilled with how it all turned out.

Sherry Yates

Needed to replace a damaged diploma. Thrilled with how it all turned out.

Sherry Yates

The quality of the fake diplomas was spot on.

Mark Jance

I have to say the quality of the fake high school diplomas you offer is spot on. I was shocked you use the exact same diploma paper, seal placement was spot on, etc. Very impressed.

Tanya Frey

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