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Customer Reviews & Testimonials with Buy A Fake Diploma!

The following page displays feedback left some shoppers at BuyaFakeDiploma.com. Some of the information such as names as been altered. This was done at the request of customers.

Buy A Fake Diploma was easy to work with. They were able to help me replace my lost diploma back in the Spring. Great job!
- Darrin
This is the kind of company you want to work with. I had a slight issue with my document where it got a bit damaged in shipping. They apologized right away, packaged me up a new one. So friendly, so helpful. I will recommend them if you are a worried about dealing with some other shops.
- Melody Barrett
Customer support was quick to get back with me. Very well run operation.
- Dennis Tucker
I will admit I was a bit nervous. You read so much stuff online. The guarantee helped me let go of a lot of worried but it also felt too good to be true. I have to say the actual diploma was incredible. Amazing attention to detail. I would suggest his site if your looking especially for a college document in Canada. I can vouch for it.
- Marco Hammond



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WOW! You guys are AMAZING! Your design team was so helpful and knowledgeable. This is exactly what I was expecting. Thank you because I am sure a lot of other sites aren't run as well.
- Wade Bennett
You are so professional. This came out great. Very much appreciate it.
- Randal Tran
I needed a diploma made fast. I feel like I placed the order the day before and it was on my doorstep the following afternoon. Same day!!! I don't normally leave reviews but I read mixed things and now I just question all online reviews. :) 10 out of 10.
- Yanira Burger
When they say "they know, they know". I had graduated back in 1988 and my old diploma had an offwhite look. The designer at Buy A Fake Diploma swore the school made diplomas that were white now. We agreed back and forth. I took her at her word. A white diploma came in. Now because I am stubborn I called my school and asked them if the new diplomas were white or off-white. They said "white". Ok I was wrong. You guys know your $#!T!!! Sorry I doubted any of it.
- Monica Mathis
Brian with support was so helpful. I was on a tight budget and he found a way to make rush delivery almost free. He also had the print shop add a few upgrades at no extra charge. These guys are just so honest and helpful. It's a nice change.
- Iliana Steinberg
My diploma came today. I love how it turned out. You guys actually matched the layout from the university just like you said you would. I was nervous not getting the sample and not having time to wait on the sample. Glad I went for it. This is so awesome. Keep up the good work!
- Judith Harris
I just want to say thank you. You guys really helped me out. I was between a rock and a hard place. I had left my diploma back home in Texas and my school was going to take weeks to replace it. My job needed a copy and I wasn't sure what to do. A friend of mine suggested BuyaFakeDiploma.com. Even with overnight rush, I needed something in my hands faster. The staff went out of their way and actually had the shop send me a digital copy. I mean a copy I could download and use immediately. It was in pdf. I think you guys should do this for everybody because it was so helpful. Just so happy to have found your site. Not sure how often I will need diplomas made but if I ever do, I'll be back.
- Michelle Richardson
Amazing work! They listed to what I wanted and were able to make it happen. I would suggest them highly.
- Brandon Phillips
Product Reviews
So this is a really beneficial service. I could not replace my diploma from private school in New Hampshire. These guys had the layout. Brought back some old and happy memories of my time there.
Customer: Anne Willis
It came today. Thanks for doublechecking you had this.
Customer: Elijah Mckenzie
Not sure how many people go through this. These schools close and replacing diplomas sucks! I'm not kidding. You guys are a lifesaver.
Customer: Armando Nunez
So I'm impressed they had coursework from this all girl's private school that shut down in 1983. Are you kidding me! OMG! :)
Customer: Pearl Cohen
It came today. Everything turned out great. Final documents look great.
Customer: Sara Velez Galeano
Top notch service. I had no way to replace my college transcripts since my school was closed and my records couldn't be located. 110% thrilled. I will be ordering extra copies next week. Thanks diploma team.
Customer: Ryan
So I lost my diploma from closed college in Alabama. the school shut down back in 2003 and no way I could reach them. Really only wanted the diploma but decided to get transcripts cause both documents were damaged. They had coursework on file somehow for this small school from Alabama. I was surprised. Well actually shocked. Pretty remarkable ... The final package with both came out great.
Customer: Zachary Dunn
Everybody was so helpful. This all came out well.
Customer: Iris Chapman
If you're looking for a very nice and professional looking diploma I would order one of these here.
Customer: Stacy Branham
If you're looking for a very nice and professional looking diploma I would order one of these here.
Customer: Stacy Branham
Customer support with this site was amazing. The diploma came out great.
Customer: Stanley C
Came today! Dropped it off package. Looks great!!!! THANKS!
Customer: Viola Gibbs
This looks awesome. The GED matched the one outside of New Orleans. You guys are the best.
Customer: Mindy Morgan
No comment to leave.
Customer: Catherine
It came. Very happy. With order the transcript one now.
Customer: Lois Bryant
Surprised you guys had my GED layout from up here in Northern canada area. Very pleased with the format. It was spot on. So happy. The support staff was a huge help.
Customer: Keith Alex
Customer: Ruby Hernandez
I got the ged diploma from Iowa. It's good but was not match 100%. So I called paid the difference to get the replica ged. Well worth it. Just saying if you can budget it. get it.
Customer: Brittney C
It came today. IT looks awesome. Thanks.
Customer: Brandon Garcia
Got it. Great. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Customer: Heather Torres
great work
Customer: Lefteye
just got the transcript today. Looks great. Thanks for helping me tweak this.
Customer: Maria Aguilar
This came out great! thanks.
Customer: Carla Patton
I got the sample and was unsure about it but the final document looked amazing. Like how the coursework all comes together with the embossing and seals. This looks great.
Customer: Marion Woods
The diploma arrived today and just wanted to say the quality is outstanding. Glad I paid to upgrade to the raised print feature. No clue how you guys do this but I am stunned by the quality.
Customer: Marco Nguyen
My order from Bafd prints looks very realistic. Exactly what I was looking for to replace my lost diploma.
Customer: Janeen Eason
The raised option is amazing. This is pretty cool.
Customer: Lorena Joseph
Thank you.
Customer: Angie Shelton
So this is not a cheap option. I lost my diploma last spring and had a nightmare getting the local testing center to help me. They refused. My friend suggested this site. I paid more for the replica which was expensive. I also paid to get the raised print. Let me say this is incredible. The quality is amazing but this was a tough price tag to swallow. if you can budget it, do it.
Customer: Sherry Dennis
So happy with how this turned out.
Customer: Antonio Lewis
Lost my ged a bit back. Couldn't find it. They don't do replacements in my area. I remember it well. Was from Jefferson County in 1986 and these guys nailed it. I was shocked they had the layout. Very shocked.
Customer: Vanessa Lynch
Super helpful staff here. Thanks.
Customer: Laurie Reese
I had no idea what I was going to get when looking at the proof. The proof was flat. I had my doubts. I can run my fingers over this. This is a raised print. I have to admit I am shocked.
Customer: Ron Obrien
This came out great. Much appreciated.
Customer: Amber Floyd
Got the ged diploma. Came today. Thanks for double checking the layout you had on file to ensure it was a match. Getting this raised was a game changer. For those reading this, we needed this as a prop for a production we were running and the layout had to be prefect. BAFD Prints did great work.
Customer: Angela Morris
thank you.. i ordered the replica ged diploma and it was great i received the sample proof read it and approved it. quick service!
Customer: shaun clarck
Hadn't planned on getting the package but decided on transcripts once I was here. Really liked how they turned out.
Customer: Roland Santiago
So I really wanted the replica diploma version of the ged. The replica item is separate. So no package on them but management was able to upgrade this to replica. Both were spot on. Great job!
Customer: Delia Sanchez
Your customer support team is outstanding.
Customer: Glenda Garner
Tried packages on two other sites. GED work doesn't come close. Worth it. !!!
Customer: Roland Santiago
I checked out 5 sites before settling on this one. I lost both my ged diploma and transcript as a storm damaged my basement. The district was zero help getting it replaced. I need a personal record for myself that is all and these guys were a huge help. They had layouts on file from 1972 which was amazing because it was so long ago and my district was super small. You can tell they put a lot of energy and time into building this print shop. Excellent work!! Excellent job! I would highly recommend them.
Customer: Forrest Brooks
Best I've came across and I'm hoping the package I am ordering is what I need. If it all goes as planned and prayed for, my entire life as I know it will be positivly changed forever! In Jesus's Holy name, please let this work. Amen
Customer: Camalama
"I'm good to go. I couldn't have asked for more than this. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff."
Customer: Dayle C.
Came today. Loved how it all turned out. Thanks for everything.
Customer: Annabelle Strong
The class work is very detailed. The math all adds up. Appreciate it. Not sure if I'll need your service again but glad I went with you all.
Customer: Lara Barton
Got it this morning. Was dropped out. Looks great. Thanks again for your help on this.
Customer: Nick Joseph
Great work. All around great experience.
Customer: Leon Kirkland
This is exactly what I was looking for. After I moved several times over the last few years I lost my high school diploma. It arrived very quickly and replaced my lost high school diploma.
Customer: Derek
The final document came out great.
Customer: Vella Mertz
Just arrived. Thank you. The secondary school diploma looks great. Thank you for doublechecking to make sure you could do this puerto rico school. Much appreciated.
Customer: Cara Armstrong
got it today. it came out great.
Customer: Cynthia Harvey
So I lost my secondary school diploma from Ontario last may and getting a replacement was a pain headache. This site was a huge help. They had my layout on file and were able to recreate a copy in about a day and ship it to Canada. Shipping was pretty fast even with customs.
Customer: Bryant Becker
Just got it dropped off. Looks awesome.
Customer: Renee Howard
Wow. I am shocked they could replica my secondary school diploma. Graduated in 2008 and had misplaced the old document. Replacement was going to take weeks. The layout captured nailed my old diploma incredibly well. Will likely be back for transcripts.
Customer: Leland Hanson
Excellent match to the real one. A+++
Customer: Lori D.
got the transcripts today from the secondary school. great job. you nailed the ottawa classes.
Customer: Hilda Watson
Got the documents. Excellent.
Customer: Orville Christensen
Thank you for helping me get this. it was a big help.
Customer: Mercedes Grabowski
Very happy that my transcripts came out 100% correct. The security paper that was used was correct.
Customer: Jeff
Been looking for a site to do a fake high school diplomas from Philippines. This site was a huge help. Needed this Paaralang Sekundarya fast and they helped me out.
Customer: Marietta Champlin
This really came out nice with the raised print. Very happy with all of it.
Customer: Magnus O'Kon
Customer: Marianne Larson
best money I have ever spent, my girlfriends mother was totally fooled!
Customer: Reuben Franklin
I do not want to comment too much on the success I got from this, but I just thought it would only be fitting to say thank you.
Customer: Ephrain Gold
I had to order this replica diploma to match the one I already had. I want the same style format to match my home office along with my office at work.
Customer: Tonya
I want to thank BAFD prints on my diploma and transcripts package. Very good quality paper and seals used to complete my order.
Customer: Camille Elliott
I had purchased the diploma. Wanted the transcript. Ordered it separate. Wish I had gotten both. This is a great value.
Customer: Burton Dyer
Tell Andrew at the shop the prints came out better with the second printer option, Very happy ... great job. :)
Customer: Amelia Pratt
Thank you.
Customer: Gilberto Stephens
Looks good.
Customer: Gretchen Meyer
so both arrived. i needed changes to transcript and staff was super helpful. rushed out a new copy.
Customer: Vera Morrison
Sample was sent to me quick and shipped fast good job guys!!
Customer: jack holand
It's amazing
Customer: Candy
Lost my associate diploma during a move last summer. Getting a replacement made was nightmare with my school. They were so rude and the delays were insane. This site had something ready in a day, packaged up and shipped out. Nice.
Customer: Sergio Ray
Customer: Joseph Diaz
The final diploma looks awesome. The raised print makes a world of difference.
Customer: Iris Hawkins
very impressed with how the raised print came out. everything is perfect.
Customer: Natalie Sherman
Very realistic fake diploma. I wanted to trick my wife with a funny degree type. Well DONE!
Customer: Rickey
The diploma came out great. Very pleased.
Customer: Alma Parsons
Looks great. Thanks.
Customer: Israel Fernandez
BAFD was a huge help. Misplaced my associates diploma and they were a big time help. The final copy came out great.
Customer: Kyle Dixon
Hi, I just wanted to leave a review here and thank the team for the outstanding work on my order. Thanks!
Customer: Jim
So happy with how the degree prints turned out. I had told Justin there that I lost my master. Found this site to be a huge help. Great staff there, very helpful and understanding. Love how it all turned out. No clue when I will ever need something like this in my lifetime again but if I do, I'll call. :)
Customer: Saundra Rivas
Noticed a difference when I got the sample. The coursework option is worth it.
Customer: Kent Rowe
The standard coursework i guess would be fine in some occasions. I wanted specific classes and need this upgraded. Specific in December of 2003 I needed to two classes that were not going to be anything "standard" so this was a nice option.
Customer: Marlene Blake
Great customer service. Thanks for helping me out with this.
Customer: Jada S Walter
I made a mistake on my order. I put the graduation date for May and I meant to do June. I refused a sample. It was dumb on my part. I was nervous I was stuck with this, ready to fight it but staff was so super helpful. Elizabeth just charged me the bare minimum to replace it. So convenient.
Customer: Bob Spencer
They worked with me and helped make sure I wasn't paying too much on my adjusted copy. So happy to have found this site.
Customer: Ramiro Harrison
Quality was there. Wish you guys would print names and logos on these things but I get it. BUT for the price, it's solid. Good value.
Customer: Rick Lloyd
Forgot to add it. Added it. The two charges on my bill was confusing but I know what's for now. lol Again good value and solid document cover.
Customer: Kristina Hawkins
Like the folder. Wish there was more colors but black is fine. It's a really nice folder.
Customer: Carol Lamb
thank you for your help.
Customer: Melissa Marie Hutchison
Ok so I bought a high school diploma and opted against the raise. I got it. It was ok. I mean just ok. I asked for a discount to upgrade to the raised. I have no idea how they do this. the print quality is amazing. Like real embossed.
Customer: Henry Mendez
Customer: Ronald Simon
this is what makes a world of a difference. Light years beyond the flat seals. got a diploma years ago with gold layered foil and it was fine. This is pretty high tech stuff. like amazing raise embossed quality. worth it.
Customer: Abel Wagner
Got final document today with raised. Wow!
Customer: Lorenzo Baldwin
The detailed is so clear on this seal. It's amazing. It's raised yes but not like it's bleeding around the edges of the artwork which I figured when you guys said it was layered. Really cool to see in person.
Customer: Cecelia Waters
Loving how this turned out. My partner and I are so happy.
Customer: Lindsay Mcbride
This is terrific.
Customer: Cedric Rogers
The final print was awesome with the border paper, really sharp and clear and nice. Top quality. See the value here and I will suggest this to a friend although it's an uncommon sort of item as you know. :)
Customer: Katherine Allen
Very good
Customer: Mandy
came out great.
Customer: Jeannette Bailey
This was totally a novelty. Wanted a mensa and these guys offered to help me out. This is pretty cool because it's so closed, has my name, dates changed, etc. I could not be more happy. Showed this to my mom ... this is hilarious. I guess what I am shocked by most is how realistic it looks.
Customer: Jessica Reese
So i got it. it's prefect. Came on time. thank you for everything.
Customer: Lauren Nguyen
The final document looks outstanding. So happy with how this turned out.
Customer: Jose Woods
Love it how it turned out.
Customer: Zachary Ford
Surprised they had college layout for tesol from my area. It was not easy as I tried three other sites. Easy to get adjusted and such a breeze of a process. I would suggest this site again.
Customer: Jared Goodwin
Final certificate came out great.
Customer: James Owens
Just got the package. The birth certificate looks great and thanks for adjusting the last detailed changes I wanted done.
Customer: Kristopher Mendez
Wasn't sure how the process would work. I needed a bachelor of arts transcripts and I gave them the major I wanted. After ordering they sent me a break down of the classes they would use in the order they would use them. I liked the format. I had one or two minor changes and design staff was fast to respond. Everything went smooth. I could not be happier.
Customer: Hollis Baptiste
came out GREAT. HAPPY!!
Customer: Paula Baker
It arrived today. On the final paper, embossed; it's pretty a solid document. Glad you were able to add the three classes in the last semester of spring 2014 as I requested. It made a big difference.
Customer: Todd Garcia
This is a great solution.
Customer: Gina
I can't compare it to the replica because I couldn't budget it and I don't have an original to compare it to but I thought the quality was great. I would order from here again.
Customer: Matthew Kelly
Super friendly staff here. Elizabeth on chat was a world of help.
Customer: Tina Smith
so the texas diploma came. The university layout is great. comes close to the area of the college I attended. great value for the price. Not sure if I'd upgrade to replica next time or If I did this all over again.
Customer: Wayne Rodriguez
Ordered a college diploma from Florida. Graduated in Spring of 2015 but had major delays in getting a second copy printed for my home office. The final copy with the raised print and text is shockingly awesome to look at. !!!!!!!!!!! This pretty remarkable that these guys can do this. I HIGHLY SUGGEST UGPRADEING TO RAISED PRINTS IMHO!!!!
Customer: Otis Harmon
Came out terrific. Thanks again.
Customer: Ivan Rowe
Tried another site that did "puffy seals" and the seal was really patchy in places. I mean it was raised but sloppy. No clue how this site does it but the embossing was crystal clear and sharp.
Customer: Margaret Cortez
Thanks. Love it.
Customer: Noah Williams
Wanted to get this to copy my sister who graded from Phoenix last summer. They had the layout, adjusted it to my information and printed a copy with the raised printing. The raised printing is a lot but worth it. So happy with how this turned out.
Customer: Tonya M.
The raised printing part added up. It delayed it. Lots that was annoying but it was worth it. The final copy came out great. Thanks!!!
Customer: Shannon Fitzgerald
Customer: Shannon Fitzgerald
It arrived today. Thanks for your help.
Customer: Stacy Baker
Tell Susan in the design department she deserves a raise!!! :)
Customer: Tommie M.
Happy with how the package set came out. thanks.
Customer: Joyce Sanders
So it arrived earlier than expected. Looks great. Thanks.
Customer: Michelle White
!! Your staff was so helpful. THANKS!!!
Customer: Heather Gray
My college closed down and I wanted a diploma to hang in my office. I'm glad I found this site. You rock!
Customer: Sarah J.
I was in a very tight spot. My parents decided to show up a week early to visit. I ordered on a Wednesday and it arrived Friday morning. 100% happy with the whole ordering process.
Customer: Mariem
My Canada diploma and transcripts are worth much more than I paid. Wow what great service, I love it!"
Customer: Son P.
very happy with how this turned out.
Customer: Rupa Subramanian
Looks great.
Customer: Marwa Sheppard
Thank you. Needed to get a prop made. very beneficial service.
Customer: Eddie Bell
The diploma came last Tuesday. Just now getting around to the review. Ok so it came out great. You guys did a great job. I may be adding score sheets later. Not sure yet.
Customer: Omar Britton
My order just arrived and it looks GREAT! Super pleased to have my replacement degree.
Customer: William D.
Happy with how this turned out. Layout was spot on.
Customer: Tyler Murray
Needed a personal replacement on file. School was a pain in the a** to deal with. This was a lifesaver.
Customer: Sean Palmer
Spot on quality. Nice job.
Customer: Harvey Khan
Package arrived today. Thanks.
Customer: Imogen Chapman
I am glad I found this site. It was so fast and easy to place the order. Everything came out the way that I need it. Quality items!
Customer: Oliver
Second year dealing with these guys and i cannot say except that they are real pros. Answering your request on the spot. The team updates you with the documents in no time. They accept any number of modifications you ask for. And the best part its almost 3 days whenever you are to receive your documents. THANKS PROS.
Customer: Magdiy
My college transcripts came out perfectly. Good quality security paper. Also, the shipping was SUPER FAST!!!
Customer: Rebekah Vest
WOW. My college degree came out perfectly!
Customer: Leigh Anne
Hi guys, Thank u so much for working with me. The customer support of this site is top notch. They answer instantly. I had a few issues when the final document were sent to me, but no issues they were very helpful and fixed it for me . The documents look really really good, my only small problem is both the transcripts format looked the same but it’s just a minor issue. I would highly recommend these guys and their products. And the designer team is very helpful as wel. Thank u guys. Well done. Will order again. Highly recommended
Customer: Jojo
I am so glad that I went the combo package. Both the diploma and transcripts look great!
Customer: William
Classes and markings were adjusted to what I needed for the degree from Dubai. Very happy with the work you have done and your staff was very helpful to me.
Customer: Prabodh Krish
you were a VERY big help to me.
Customer: Bharat Sule
This looks so real. I need to replace document impossible to do here in Bengaluru sometimes. So happy to have found you. Even with changes, it is very good document from India university.
Customer: Rupa Subramanian
The classes they have for New Delhi school are ok. They are fine but not the best. They allowed me to upgrade coursework and I sent in what I needed and with adjustments final document of college transcript looks very good. Needed backup copy for myself and knew old copy well so I can compare it. Work is solid. Staff is great people. Enjoy.
Customer: Vijaya Naik
happy with item. just arrived today. very good.
Customer: Chandra Tella
I recommend getting the raised print. Final document came out very real looking.
Customer: Nilima N.
I got it. Opened it. Final quality print was amazing. same layout, same format; print quality is outstanding my friend.
Customer: Sai Sodhi
Customer: Chinmay Subhash
Wanted a true replication service. Tried three other sites and they were all ok but they could no match true layout from 1995 year of college in Dubai. This came out great. Layout was great and final copy with raised text and art is amazing to look at. I would recommend this site. it is not cheap but you get what you pay for.
Customer: Surya Nagi
So happy with how this turned out. I had concerned and doubts as I guess many do. Sorry I was so difficult. Should not been so hard on you.
Customer: Prerna Bhandari
very good quality. very nice.
Customer: Navin Karpe
i needed college package of both diploma and mark sheets sir. very happy with how you did this. very pleased.
Customer: Kamini Chandra
Customer: Angeline Kub
came. happy.
Customer: Crystel Blick
came today. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Customer: Chanel Nolan
That you for helping me get a replacement Panama diploma from my college. It arrived today. The layout was spot on. this is a big help for me. ...
Customer: Delores Schumm
Very impressed with how this turned out.
Customer: Vesta Abshire
The transcript came the other day. Thanks for adding the last few classes to the last semester of the document.
Customer: Neva Konopelski
Lost my panama diploma from 2003 graduate class. The quality was great and they had my old layout. Surprised. Got it like in 3 days to Panama here.
Customer: Alisha Kertzmann
Been meaning to write back. yes, I got it. Yes, I'm happy. Thanks.
Customer: Caesar Rutherford
so impressed
Customer: Arlo Rempel
thanks for helping with this.
Customer: Valentina Wyman
The coursework is very good. matches Philippines classes from local college. Happy with this overall.
Customer: Willard Feeney
Excellent job. Tell Samantha on the production floor I appreciate her going above and beyond for me.
Customer: Meagan Beier
very HAPPY
Customer: Wen Ou
You did great job on the diploma. Looks very real to me.
Customer: Long Soo Hoo
I lost my diploma from Shanghai, China and found replacing it to be very time consuming. Staff at BAFD Prints was a huge help. Very much appreciated.
Customer: Chichi Zhou
I just wanted to leave a review here. My diploma arrived today and meet all expectations and more.
Customer: Taika
Super happy with my replacement college degree that I bought. The school was not issuing any replacements with Covid going on. They recommended that I could do a search online to find a printing company that could help me out. Luckily I found this site.
Customer: Nikau L.
So happy to have gotten this from you guys. Looks great. Wonderful job!!!
Customer: Madilyn Turcotte
Not kidding. the quality of Otago was spot on. Super real looking. Shocked by this. Did not expect it.
Customer: Verlie Beahan
Thank you. Took a few days to get to Waikato but pleased. Looks very good.
Customer: Garland Heidenreich
Thank you. Your staff was so helpful.
Customer: Grayce Dickens
So far so good
Customer: Ali

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