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In 1996, a 3D rendered animation was created by Character Studio. It featured what many would consider an oddly looking dancing baby, also known as “baby cha-cha”. This animation is considered the first meme to grace itself across the internet. Today memes are one of the most common examples of expression showcased across the internet.

As their popularity has continued to rise, society have expressed a desire to understand why memes appeal to us and their fascination has led to schools offering degrees in this specific subject matter! Yes, you heard that correctly... there are degrees from colleges and universities in meme study.

Today there are a few schools offering students the option to study the world of online internet memes. Although it’s hard to imagine people framing a diploma on their wall that says they have a PhD in memes one day, that may become reality for some.

How to Get a College/University Degree in Memeology

If you asked me years ago if a Department of Memeology would ever exist on a college campus, I would have laughed out loud. The reality is today there are a number of colleges and universities offering degrees in this very specific subject matter. Students can take courses on a wide variety of subjects including the Meme Psychology and Meme Appreciation, discussing how memes are created and how they often go viral and trend. Students can even learn more about specific types of memes such as Dank Memes (parodies of other popular memes) and TikTok Memes, associated with the popular social media website.

Like any degree, each course is worth a number of credits and once so many credits are earned you can get yourself a college degree from the Department of Memeology.

Will Meme Degrees Continue to Rise in Popularity?

When most people think of a meme degree they are likely to think it’s not a real thing. I’m sure most people expected such a degree to be a novelty or a fake meme degree. Although there are companies that sell fake degrees such as fake college degrees as novelties, personal replacements, props and restoration pieces, a meme degree is anything but fake.

This is an actual course of study available to students. Will it continue to become a popular educational course for years to come? Only time will tell. We are living in a world that’s constantly changing and while new subject matters for degrees popup, the desire to learn other degrees is barely hanging on as the degrees are close to going extinct due to low enrollment.

Final Thoughts

What are you thoughts on the world of internet memes? Do you find them enjoyable? Do you find them fascinating enough to want to study and earn a degree from a college or university in? I personally think it shows how our world is changing and how what interests us is constantly revolving. I'm excited to see what new degrees popup in another 20 or 30 years.

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