Meet Jane. Like most of us, she’s worked hard to get where she is today. After enduring the Great Recession and working a string of dead-end “McJobs,” she finally has the opportunity to land a job as an office administrator. There’s just one little problem: Upon being asked to find a copy of her diploma to hang in her office in order to increase client trust, Jane realizes it’s nowhere to be found. She was now looking for a lost diploma.

She most likely misplaced it during one of the several moves she’s had to make in the last few years. Since we live in a world where technology has largely made things easy, Jane doesn’t panic at first. She assumes that getting a replacement will be simple. After all, a quick Google search assures her that she’ll just have to contact her old high school and ask for a new diploma. Soon enough, a fresh copy should be in the mail… But then the problems start.

Why is replacing a lost diploma so difficult?

First, Jane discovers that her old high school has been shut down due to budget cuts. As a result, she has to try locating the district office that was once responsible for overseeing her high school. They, of course, have no idea who she is… And because her old school is in another state, she can’t resolve the issue in person or quickly provide proof of identification. Thus begins a lengthy game of “phone tag” in which she is put on hold repeatedly, given conflicting information about which department she needs to contact to get a diploma replacement, and generally led on what Shakespeare once politely termed a “wild goose chase.” With her first day of work quickly approaching, Jane has to find an alternative—and fast.

How did the hunt to replace her diploma begin?

Fortunately, she has an idea: Recently at a birthday party, she saw the birthday girl receive a fake diploma as a gag gift… And it was very convincing. Jane decides to go out on a limb and research diploma shops turning to the popular diploma review site called for insights on where she should shop.

After scrolling through multiple reviews, she decides on They were ranked the best for product quality and support; the two most important factors in her mind.

Better still, they give customers the option of overnight shipping, so she knows she’ll get her order in time for her first day of work. Taking a deep breath, she clicks “purchase”… And waits.

Was she happy with the quality of the fake diploma?

In no time at all, the postman is ringing her doorbell. Upon opening the package, Jane is amazed to discover that she got a fake diploma that looks very real as she remembers her first diploma looking.

Impressed, Jane calls up the friend—Sarah—who purchased the gag diploma as a gift, knowing they both graduated from the same high school. In the end, both girls up toasting to Jane’s new job while comparing their diplomas (Jane’s replica and Sarah’s original). The verdict? The only difference is that the printing on Jane’s version may be a bit higher quality! Jane’s experience shows us that often, being successful requires thinking outside the box and being able to devise creative solutions to problems even while under intense pressure.

Fortunately, imaginative services like exist to easily and conveniently replace a lost diploma.